Monday Nights - Gluten Free 

On Mondays, we will be doing a Special Gluten Free Menu

Regular Peas (Gluten Free)   £1.00
Large Peas (Gluten Free)   £1.30
Regular Curry (Gluten Free)   £1.10
Large Curry (Gluten Free) £1.40
Regular Gravy (Gluten Free)   £1.10
Large Gravy (Gluten Free) £1.40
Regular Beans (Gluten Free)   £1.00
Large Beans (Gluten Free)   £1.30
Regular Chips (Gluten Free) £2.00
Large Chips (Gluten Free) £3.30
Regular Fish (Gluten Free) £4.20
Large Fish (Gluten Free) £6.00
Fish Bites (Gluten Free) £0.65
Battered Sausage (Gluten Free) £1.45
Chicken Fillet (Gluten Free) £1.05

ALL PRICES inclusive of VAT